Monthly Meetings (Currently Not Meeting)

Hello fellow ministers –

The Hendersonville Community Pastors Association has been a wonderful expression of friendship and a meaningful symbol of Christian unity in Hendersonville.  We are so thankful to God for using this association in our city.  However, the formal organization has been struggling the last few years with participation, funding, and leadership.  As a result of these realities, the Community Pastors Association will cease to function as an official organization by notice of this email.

We believe the friendships and kingdom alliances that have been birthed through this organization will continue to grow and flourish.  It is our hope that the relationships birthed through our formal times together in the past will continue through informal meals, encouraging interaction around town, and various partnerships for events that local churches create with one another. 

The lack of a formal organization means there will be no National Day of Prayer breakfast in 2018 or in the future through this former organization.  Perhaps some church, organization or alliance will pick up the mantle for that meaningful event.

While the finality of an email like this can feel a bit jarring, we all must trust God that as one season closes, it is the beginning of a new season.  It is our hope and belief that God will continue to unite the pastors of Hendersonville in fresh ways to advance the kingdom of God in our city.

Aaron Allison, The Church at Indian Lake

John McLendon, God Why

Doug Varnado, Community Church of Hendersonville